We might look like a big business but we're actually a small family-owned business. 

Decades ago, Captain Bud Harris and his son Bob Harris sell seashells by the seashore as legend tells it.

You will at times catch the owners Pastor Robert "Bob" Harris and his wife Elizabeth "Liz" Harris walking around the store to talk to all the customers.  So if you ever bump into a fun, extroverted man that calls himself "Don Chulo", you've bumped into the actual "Bob" of Bobz World.  Who will gladly love starting a conversation if he's not busy. 

The Harris family attributes the success of their business to their faith, love, and trust in Jesus Christ.

They have been blessed with dedicated and conscientious employees whom they treat like family.

The General Manager of Bobz World is their eldest daughter, Brenda. 

The faces you'll see helping you out are a small group of 4:

Alyssa, Nayeli, Noah, and Maggie

Our workers who you don't see are also working hard to keep the business running in the background are:

Isaiah (The grandchild of Bob), Ashley, Rosie, Leo, and Pancho

Maggie is who is in charge of marketing, social media, and the website.

Please contact me if you have any questions about collaborations, advertisements, etc at info@bobzworld.fun

As we have a lot of spam come through, please title your e-mail with "ATTN MAGGIE"