GAME CARDS: Are Free of Charge. You choose the amount of money you'd like to fill the card with.

REDEMPTION: You can not buy prizes, you can only win them. 

AGE TICKETS: All tickets are the same prize. Only toddlers under 2 years old can go into the attractions for free with the purchase of an adult ticket. Each attraction requires a chaperone for any guests fourteen years of age or younger. Everyone participating in attractions will be required to pay an entrance fee with the exception of children two years old or younger.

WAIVER: Waivers must be signed for your safety. Minors must have a guardian sign for them and must be present when the minor under 14 years old enters.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: As of now, we are no longer hosting birthday parties or events. However, you and your guests are still welcome.

1. Cake and cupcakes are allowed. We can refrigerate or hold your cake until you are ready for it. Please, bring your own plates and utensils. No outside food or drinks. Please, pass out candy bags as your guests are leaving.

COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS: We do not require masks, but they are recommended. We sanitize all golf clubs, and golf balls after each use, and arcade games throughout the day.

MINI GOLF: For the safety of our guests, we limit our mini golf to 6 persons at a time. In order to allow everyone to have an enjoyable time, we space out groups within15 minutes apart.

BOBZ JOURNEY: We do not limit group size for Bobz Journey, but we will space out groups within 10 minutes apart.

RESERVATION: As a courtesy, we can reserve your time slot if you call or email one day in advance. If you are more than fifteen minutes late, we will cancel your reservation.

We do have a website if you've forgotten to buy something and want to buy it online to be shipped to you at www.theshellconnection.com

There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges.